Product Code: CEA0014


Price: $21.95


A highly effective residual insect spray

The Ecomist Sniper is a a highly effective residual spray for interior use (it may also be used outdoors but should not be exposed to harsh elements). It kills crawling insects (cockroaches, spiders, ants etc.) when they come into contact with it. 

The dried spray acts as an invisible barrier to crawling insects  killing any bugs that might walk over it or rest on it. Lasts for up to 3 months. Does not mess or stain. Fast knockdown formula  can also be sprayed directly onto insects to kill them quickly.

For use on hard to reach areas i.e. under fridges, window sills, skirting boards.

* This product must be teamed up with either 2 other single product items (any of the cans), a Starter Pack or a Refill pack (pack of 3 cans) to complete your order.