Product Code: 3 x CN20H

Price: $57.75

Fragrance Refills 250 ml for Midi Dispensers

Contains 3 x 250ml cans of Ecomist Odour Neutralizer*

The Ecomist 2-in-1 Odour Neutralizer is a unique formula that removes odours and also fragrances the air. The odour neutralizer encapsulates the odour particles, pulling them down to the floor where it oxidises them, effectively destroying odours for good. 

*The Pack contains 3 refills of your selected fragrance designed to Neutralize, Fragrance and Enhance your Environment.

  • For any indoor area
  • 2-in-1 Formula neutralizes odour and fragrances the air
  • Quick release valve empties entire contents of the can
  • Leaves room smelling fresh and clean
  • One application covers areas up top 65m2

Our fragrances draw inspiration from nature, the great perfumeries of Paris and the spice houses of the Far East. All fragrances are blended and manufactured in New Zealand with perfumes imported from France.

Choose three fragrances from the list below:

Liquid & Natural 

Champagne - nice and fresh, inspired by Calvin Klein Champagne
Brandon - a fruity yet woody, with powdery feel and floral touches
Ozone - a watery yet lightly woody, with touch of citrus
Peppermint - fresh, clean, cool and minty
Citrus - a blend of bergamot, lime, lemon and tangerine
Eucalyptus - calming and purifying scent of the eucalyptus forest
Lemon Talc - a powdery, crisp and clean, yet soft and airy
Lavender - lavendar with a powdery touch


Shanel - inspired by Channel No. 5
Country Mist - rose, peach, apricot, amber vanilla
Rose Mist - classic smell of garden rose


Hypnosis - powdery floral fragrance with notes of franjipani
Frangipani - sweet, light, tropical
Tropical Coconut - exotic blend of creamy coconut with a touch of vanilla


Vanilla - powdery, sweet vanilla bean
Blueberry Muffin - freshly baked


Parisian - inspired by YSL Paris
Jupiter - oriental and woody with citrus and bergamonte notes
Marronie - woody, tea, vanilla and patchouli
Baby Talc - soft, secure, nostalgic smell of talcum powder
Royal Sport - inspired by Ralph Lauren Polo

Fruity & Berry

Orange - an aroma of fresh orange juice
Grape - intense fruity, grapes, light woody
Energie - citrus floral, herbal tea, white musk
Monte Carlo - a blend of citrus and lavender
Peach - is there any fruit scent more enticing than a peach?
Marshall - notes of peach and passionfruit leave a fresh clean scent
Strawberry - sweet and bright as summer fruits
Glowing - fresh, dark green, herbal, sweet woody
Verberry - green citrus, orchard, amber-musk
Raspberry - sweet, fresh raspberries
Frutal - refreshing summer mix of juicy fruits and berries