Product Code: KSA4201


Price: $11.33

Carpet Cleaner for Dry Stains

Aerosol dry stain remover

Rubbing a wet carpet is an absolute no-no (it damages the fibres) so Cavalier Bremworth Dry Stain Remover is designed to be lightly applied as a spray and then the resulting powder vacuumed up using a fine nozzle.

  • Designed to work on most food, drink, oil and grease-based stains
  • Suitable for wool and synthetic carpets and rugs
  • Effective on almost any dry stain that has not caused a chemical reaction with the carpet fibres

If our product doesn't remove it, then it's doubtful anything else will. For information on a specific stain and how to treat, please see the stain cleaning guide on the product's website.

* This product must be teamed up with either 2 other single product items (any of the cans), a Starter Pack or a Refill pack (pack of 3 cans) to complete your order.