Odour Bomb

Get rid of bad smells in a flash!

Ecomist Odour Bomb is a unique formula that gets rid of smells and odours. Through a chemical reaction, the odour neutralizer seeks out and destroys smells caused by human habitation, animals, food and food preparation. This product destroys odours in their tracks.

Ideal for use in:
Bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, garbage areas, cupboards, musty rooms, basements, food preparation areas, under sinks, laundries, where pets sleep, washrooms, locker rooms, gyms, hospitals, sick rooms, caravans and to clear alcohol and tobacco odours.

  • Kills offensive odours - doesn't just cover them up! This is not a masking agent
  • Odour Bomb destroys cooking, mould, toilet, body, tobacco, paint and pets smells etc.
  • Special formula to combat non-organic odours - formaldehyde, ammonia, sulphur and more
  • Very delicately fragranced, it will leave the room smelling nice and fresh