Flying Insects Control for Home 

Are insects invading your home?  

Doesn't matter whether you live in an apartment or in a house - having unwanted guests at your place is quite annoying. Especially when they are after your food, wardrobe or even your blood. 

Who are those creatures that are trying to nest on our property? Most typical troublemakers are moth (closes and pantry), mosquitoes and flies. Not only they are annoying and having a bash at your food, but they also might cause different diseases, become a source of infections, provoke inflammations and allergies, upset your stomach and affect your mood.  

How to protect your territory from flying insects? Use chemicals! But you have to be very careful choosing them, in order not to put your family and pets at risk. 

Fortunately, Ecomist has a range of Insect Control Products for indoor and semi-outdoor areas that eliminate insects from homes that are safe to use around people, food and pets. 

Choose the insect that bothers you and find out how to get rid of it