Automatic Insect Control

Ecomist developed the original automatic insect control concept that has been proven time and again in the most demanding environments. It eliminates flying and crawling insects in indoor and semi-enclosed outdoor areas.

The Ecomist dispenser was recognized by the Australia and New Zealand Aerosol Associations as the best new product invention in 1997, and has undergone several refinements since then to improve the service we offer our customers.

  • Solenoid Valve. Ultra-fine particles stay in the air for longer.
  • Consistent volume delivery ensures can lasts longer
  • Fully Programmable. Tailor volume and frequency to your exact requirements
  • Sleek Design. Blends into your environment
  • Fully enclosed operating system

The Ecomist Natural Insect Killer uses natural pyrethrins derived from the Chrysanthemum Daisy, sourced from Tasmania and East Africa and manufactured in New Zealand.

  • Safe to use around people, food and pets
  • Flushes insects out of their hiding places
  • Repels and kills insects
  • Kills flies, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, moths and spiders
  • AVPMA approved

The Ecomist Insect Control solutions are of the highest quality and are backed by our unique after sales guarantees. 

24 hour protection without you needing to do a thing. Just set and forget.