How to remove unwanted smells from your home

July 12, 2018

How to remove unwanted smells from your home

Walking into a room, one of the first things we sense — is smell, good or bad! Whilst the interior may look nice and welcoming, bad smells can make even the most beautiful of homes unappealing. Food smells, sweaty clothing, pet odour or even pest droppings, disturb your environment and your nose.

Ecomist’s two pronged approach can transform any room in the house to make it odour free and smelling fresh.

  • The Ecomist Odour Bomb is a fumigation-type product that clears bad odours instantly. It binds to the smelly odour particles and drops them to the ground for easy vacuuming.
  • To maintain a beautiful smelling environment, choose from our range of 30 French fragrances with odour neutralisers. The automatic odour control system releases a fine mist of perfume that will continuously fragrance the room. Fantastic if you are entertaining, selling or renting. 

Bad smells can be avoided by these simple steps:

  1. Look for the source/cause of the smell and remove it. 
  2. Use the Ecomist Odour Bomb to clear away the residual smell. See instructions on how use the Ecomist odour bomb.
  3. Give the room a good hour for the odour bomb to do its job and then vacuum thoroughly. 
  4. For ongoing fragrancing of the room, use the Ecomist Automatic Dispenser and select from our range of 30 French fragrances. 
  5. Enjoy a pleasant environment knowing your rooms are smelling fresh and odour free.

Check out how us how use the Ecomist odour bomb.