Finding ants in your Home?

by Ecomist | November 18, 2016

Create a barrier for crawling insects and make your home insect free. Keep ants, cockroaches and spiders at bay with Insect Sniper. 

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The 3-step Process to eliminate odours in your environment

by Ecomist | September 27, 2016

Easy and effective way to remove an unpleasant odour

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Spring Proof your Property

by Ecomist | September 26, 2016

5 ways to effectively prepare for the Spring season, to avoid a seasonal spike of insect activity on your property. 

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Are Mozzies Invading Your Home?

by Ecomist | January 11, 2016

Rain, Heat and Humidity are perfect conditions for mosquito breeding. Don’t let yourself suffer!

Ecomist offers a hassle free and natural insect control system that repels & kills mosquitoes and protects your home from&nbsp uninvited guests. 

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